These are a few photos I’ve snapped around the world.

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State of the Wild Symposium

State of the Wild Symposium: Experts from around the world meet to discuss various global conservation crises and explore solutions from a compassionate conservation lens.

Recorded and Broadcast Live by Ethan Crawford, University of Denver


Conexão Mundo Petrolina Pernambuco Brazil

Here are a couple of videos that show my amazing team of English coaches during the 2014 Conexão Mundo program in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brasil. Many thanks to my teammates, students, all the administrators, teachers, and friends in Petrolina, and US-Brazil Connect for arranging the program.

Beat the Reaper Live Blues Rock & Roll February 2014

The eighth annual Beat the Reaper Concert
Videography by Ethan Crawford, RockyMedia


Frank Biasi: GIS in the Rockies 2013 Keynote

Frank Biasi presents “Extending our Reach through Maps and Multimedia Integration,” the second keynote for the 2013 GIS in the Rockies Conference, held in Denver, Colorado on October 10, 2013.

Recorded and broadcast live by Ethan Crawford, RockyMedia


James Fee: GIS in the Rockies 2013 Keynote

James Fee presents “How to Remain Relevant in the Age of Change,” the first keynote for the 2013 GIS in the Rockies Conference, held in Denver, Colorado on October 9, 2013.

Recorded and broadcast live by Ethan Crawford, RockyMedia




I’m making maps to add to a report we’re developing for the University of Denver Sustainability Council. The report recommends several transit improvements for the University of Denver campus, such as a new cycle track, bike/pedestrian signage, painted bike boxes, bike fixtations, curb cuts, green sharrow lanes, and new red crosswalks. You can read the report here: DU Land Use Transit Recommendation.

DU Bicycle Friendly University

DU: A Bicycle Friendly University

DU: A Bicycle Friendly University

DU: A Bicycle Friendly University

You probably didn’t know this, but a few months ago the University of Denver Transit Committee put in overtime hours in an effort to *officially* become designated as a Bicycle Friendly University (BFU).  We spent many days documenting the details of DU’s transportation infrastructure, and distilling them into clear and precise wording inside our very first application to the BFU Program.

Today that effort paid off.  This morning the League of American Bicyclist named the University of Denver, along with fifteen other universities, as a Bicycle Friendly University (see announcement here).

We should be clear that there are four levels of awards in the BFU program, and DU earned the lowest level of bike friendliness (bronze).  Still, we are on the map of only 44 universities that share this designation, and we’re proud of it!

The next step: Silver, Gold, and/or Platinum. So how do we improve our bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure? You can find out, and share your ideas at the next DU Transit Committee meeting, which will be held on Monday October 29th at 3pm at the DU Center for Sustainability (JMAC 142). We hope to see you there!

DU Sharrow Install

New Sharrows!

DU Sharrow Install

DU Sharrow Install

The DU area is getting a lot of attention lately with the upcoming Presidential Debates.  If you didn’t know, the University of Denver will host the first debate of the 2012 election season, when President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney will battle for control of the nation on October 3, 2012.

One of the benefits of being a presidential debate-hosting university is that the city comes through and re-surfaces your roads! The only problem is that our highly-cherished sharrows were removed with the old pavement.

We were quick to alert the City that we wanted our sharrows back, and voila! New Sharrows!  Now we need to convince them to sharrow all the streets adjoining campus…

DU Bicycle Friendliness Resolution 2012

Bicycle Friendliness Resolution: Passed

DU Bicycle Friendliness Resolution

DU Bicycle Friendliness Resolution

Good news for Bicyclists and Pedestrians in the DU Area – the University of Denver Sustainability Council supports your transportation habits.

This morning, during the University Sustainability Council’s May 2012 meeting, the DU Transit Committee presented a Bicycle Friendliness Resolution.  The resolution states the following:

The University of Denver is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 24% before the year 2020, with the ultimate goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.1  A recent assessment concluded that approximately 12% of the university’s carbon footprint resulted from vehicular emissions of students, faculty, and staff members commuting to and from campus.  In the same time period, DU bicycle and pedestrian commuters contributed to 0% of the university’s carbon footprint.2  In the effort to further reduce DU’s carbon footprint, the University Sustainability Council wishes to engage the campus community and the general public in an effort to support a safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure surrounding campus.  To this end, the University accepts the recommendations of  the Bicycle Friendly Universities report3 published in the Spring of 2012 by Transportation Solutions,4 and will actively work toward achieving the goals stated therein, with specific emphasis on the following points:

● Ensure community access to safe bicycle and pedestrian paths to and from campus, and supply sufficient bicycle parking for campus commuters.

● Aim to satisfy the Bicycle Friendly University standards, as described by the League of American Bicyclists.5

● Promote community awareness of bicycle and pedestrian traffic laws, campus security protocol, bicycle policy enforcement, and general commuter safety.

● Utilize local publications, campus events, student orientation week, social media, and other venues to implement innovative outreach campaigns.

● Maintain working relationships with the City of Denver, local organizations, and other relevant stakeholders to accelerate the city’s existing bicycle and pedestrian network improvement plans6 in the DU Vicinity.

● Work with DU faculty, staff, and students to promote teaching and learning of transportation sustainability, both in the university’s curriculum and in extracurricular campus activities.

The resolution aims to officially express DU’s support for the recommendations outlined in the recent report, Comparative Analysis of Bicycling Around Campus: Comparing Bicycle Friendly University Standards to the University of Denver.

After a lively discussion on transportation infrastructure in the DU area, the University Sustainability council unanimously passed the resolution.  You can read the resolution in full here.

The Road Ahead 2012

“The Road Ahead 2012: Connecting Livable Communities”
Videography by Ethan Crawford, RockyMedia


Careful what you wish for

For the past several years I’ve been wishing for the return of old-school colorado summers, when the monsoons would sweep through each afternoon, cooling & cleansing the city and offering a sweet drink for my gardens.  Yet Each year Denver seems to get more and more dry, with less snow in the winters and less rain in the summers.

But this July has been different, bringing epic rains and breaking a few records.  Thus it appears that my longtime wish was granted, at least temporarily.  Our dry state is currently getting pounded with daily thunderstorms, bringing rain in amounts up to 3.5 inches of rain in as little as 90 minutes.

And two days ago, as I was celebrating my kickball team’s season finale with a sangria, I became stranded at Pasquini’s Uptown as a rainstorm brought walls of water into the area.  Unfortunately I drove that night (I never drive, my bike is my transport here).  But this time my car was parked directly out front, and as you’ll see from the video below, 17th Avenue was no place for a little car that night (even one with a big attitude).  The video hardly shows the reality – as it’s too dark, and too early in the storm to show exactly how high waters rose on July 12th.  There were trucks driving down the street, creating wakes like I’ve seen coming from double 200HP outboard boat engines.  My poor little subaru was flooded inside and out, and my insurance company tells me it’s probably beyond repair.

So, moral of the story: be careful what you wish for.  Epic rainstorms bring flooded engines and glove compartments.

Still, I say “bring it!” Colorado, I’m not backing down from this fight.  I will take any rainstorm you can deliver.

Sankofa: Spirituals Project Performance

Sankofa, a cappella ensemble, part of the Spirituals Project

Recorded by Ethan Crawford, February 18, 2011

The Spirituals Project is dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the music and teachings of the sacred songs called “spirituals,” created and first sung by enslaved Africans in America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Through its diverse program of concerts, lectures and workshops, The Spirituals Project seeks to preserve and revitalize the music and teachings of the sacred songs called spirituals, which were created and first sung by enslaved Africans in America in the 18th and 19th centuries. (more…)