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I’m making maps of recommended transit improvements for the University of Denver, delivering a report for the university this week. It shows attributes like a new cycle track, bike/ped signage and paint, bike fixtations, curb cuts, green sharrow lanes, and new red crosswalks.

Careful what you wish for

For the past several years I’ve been wishing for the return of old-school colorado summers, when the monsoons would sweep through each afternoon, cooling & cleansing the city and offering a sweet drink for my gardens.  Yet Each year Denver seems to get more and more dry, with less snow in the winters and less […]

Live Video Test

Tomorrow is Ignite Denver 6! Are you going? You can be there in person at the Rackhouse Pub, or you can just wear your jammy pants and watch it from home. Because I’ve gone to the effort to send it right to you, wherever you may be.

Why & How I Built an Auto Retweet

Last month I setup an auto retweet, so that every tweet from @ignitedenver would be immediately reposted by @ethang (my personal twitter account). If that doesn’t make sense to you, you should start with a twitter primer, or learn about 17 Ways You Can Use Twitter first.

2010 and other great things

Greetings to you all. I’m Ethan Crawford, a khaki-wearing, half-introverted hominid by weekday, and a simple (albeit curious and social) gentleman by evening/weekend. I have a variety of documentarian persuasions, ranging from playful experiments in the the arts (such as photography, videography, sketching, and singing), to more formal attempts at research and truth-seeking (mostly focused […]


Welcome to, we are hard at work building this space. Please stay tuned for further information. -the management

UNESCO Forum on Open Education Resources

The UNESCO Virtual University has generated a lot of activity with their Forum on Open Course Content. The online discussion was held from October 24 to December 2, 2005, and brought together a diverse group of individuals from 90 countries. In February 2006, the event’s final report was released (attached). An email list was recently […]

Live ePresence webcast demonstration

The ePresence community will be hosting a live webcast demonstration of their latest release ( ePresence 3.1) tomorrow. This is an open source system for content capturing, archiving, and webcasting, developed by the University of Toronto Knowledge Media Design Institute. The latest release incorporates live webcasting, VOIP, podcasting, screen capture and powerpoint support.  Has anybody […]