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2010 and other great things

Greetings to you all. I’m Ethan Crawford, a khaki-wearing, half-introverted hominid by weekday, and a simple (albeit curious and social) gentleman by evening/weekend. I have a variety of documentarian persuasions, ranging from playful experiments in the the arts (such as photography, videography, sketching, and singing), to more formal attempts at research and truth-seeking (mostly focused on global informational cultures). I figure it’s better in the long run if all of my ramblings and results live freely out there in the information-ether, rather than staying stacked up and locked away in piles of paper, hard drives, and neurons within the boundaries of my little city plot.  This website is an attempt to put all my stuff out into the open web.  I hope that you can find something useful here, because frankly most of it is somewhat foreign and peculiar to me. Enjoy!


Ethan Crawford