State of the Wild Symposium

State of the Wild Symposium: Experts from around the world meet to discuss various global conservation crises and explore solutions from a compassionate conservation lens.

Recorded and Broadcast Live by Ethan Crawford, University of Denver


  1. Mark Bekoff: Rewilding our hearts, compassionate conservation, and peaceful coexistence
  2. Andreas Rechkemmer: Socio‑Ecological Resiliency and the Importance of Biodiversity
  3. Rick Adams: Bats Act as Canaries in a Global Coal Mine for Ecosystem Effects of Climate Change
  4. Grace Ge Gabriel: Reducing Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn Trade in China
  5. Sarah Bexell: The ethics, ecology, economics and politics of extinction: Case study giant pandas
  6. Pratik Patel: Understanding Blood Ivory & Saving Elephants from Extinction
  7. Robert Uttaro: Legislation to Ban the Sale of Ivory and Rhino Horn in Colorado

Recorded on October 3, 2014 at Reiman Theater, Margery Reed Hall, University of Denver

Hosted by University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work Institute for Human-Animal Connection

Sponsored by Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet

Recorded & Broadcasted by Ethan Crawford, Editing by Abbey Westphal

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