Live ePresence webcast demonstration

The ePresence community will be hosting a live webcast demonstration of their latest release ( ePresence 3.1) tomorrow. This is an open source system for content capturing, archiving, and webcasting, developed by the University of Toronto Knowledge Media Design Institute. The latest release incorporates live webcasting, VOIP, podcasting, screen capture and powerpoint support.  Has anybody used ePresence in classroom or distance learning environments?

DJ QBert Boulder Theater 2005

DJ Qbert performs at the Boulder Theater December 2005
Interviews and Videography by Ethan Crawford


New Directions in Multimedia

Any frequenter of the EDUCAUSE blogs has likely experienced the potential of emerging technologies in media consumption. Cell phones, PDAs, and iPods are changing the way most of us (on one side of the digital divide) think, store information, and entertain ourselves. The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that over 10% of American adults own iPods or mp3 players. EDUCAUSE’s Steve Worona points out that iPod technology is creating more unexpected ideas than you can count. And what’s more, notes Worona, iPods are only the beginning of this multimedia adventure. (more…)

Michael Franti Spearhead Acoustic Live October 2002